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Josh Preskitt

 Youth Pastor
 Email: josh@ncrrbiz.com

Josh grew up in rural Alabama. He joined the military out of high school and was an Armament Weapons Technician.
In addition, he served as an Instructor and Training Developer in the Air Force.  While on active duty Josh
earned a Bachelor's in Business Administration (2008), a Master’s in Theology (2010) and a Master’s of Divinity
in Professional Ministries (2014).  He retired from the Air Force in 2014 and earned a Master’s in Executive Leadership in 2016. 

Josh has been married for 20+ years to his wife Amy.
They have three children: Kanin (19), Koby (15) and Hayden (14).

Josh’s passions are his family, desiring that each individual sees their worth and value in and to God and
for them (himself included) be intentional, deliberate and genuine in their day-to-day
activities/encounters for God’s glory, His Kingdom and their good/joy.